Wednesday, July 05, 2006

OG/C follow-up

Taking a look at the 'What makes a good OG/C' post below, the end result was that for recruiting purposes there isn't a magic bullet based on recruiting stats. In a previous post, I stated that there didn't seem to be a single OG/C headed our way in 2007 but things have changed. There now appears to be at least 1 in that category: David Molk.

My impressions are that it will come down to West Virginia or Michigan for Molk and he looks to be deciding in the next few weeks. Hopefully he will stay closer to home and pick Michigan.

Molk is ~6'1" and 270lbs running a 5 in the 40. Overall he would fall into the first category of less than 300lbs and mobile. He looks to have a mean streak which is another trait that seems to come in handy for offensive lineman. He also blew up the Michigan camp and was seemingly the best offensive lineman there.

All-in-all I will be EXTREMELY happy if we can pick up Molk plus a decent OT. It would be even better if we can add John Elliott to the mix as well but I haven't heard much at all about him which isn't a good thing as there are usually at least whispers on folks looking to head to Michigan.

Updating my previous skepticism, it looks like we might be getting at least one of the Schwartz/Ziemba OT pair heading our way. Fingers crossed on that.


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