Wednesday, July 05, 2006

2006 Questions

I'd like to take a quick interruption of my 'What makes a good X' posts to throw out what I believe are the top questions for the Wolverine team that will take the field in 2006:

1) Which Chad Henne will show up?
  • Simple question but the biggest. This has been asked earlier and is the biggest factor for the Wolverines in 2006.
2) Will the offensive line be better than last year? This question has to be broken down into multiple parts:
  1. How will the line function as a whole? Will it gel?
  • This question has a lot to do with how Henne does this year. If the o-line has another rocky year then Henne will most likely follow suit.
  1. Who will be the RT and how well will that person do?
  • I can't help but think that this is the biggest position question mark on the whole team. Kolo? Riley? Zirbel/Ortmann?
  1. Can Bihl be more than just a filler at center?
  • Sure he "had a good spring" but can he bring that to game day?
  1. Why does the formatting on blogger suck? Argh!!!
3) How much will our LB play improve this year?
  • It will be interesting to see the change between Herrmann and Szabo and what results that has on the field. Throw English into the equation here as well. We should field a good to decent front 4 and our defensive backfield should be good-great with only 1 unproven CB to get up to speed. That leaves LB play as the only real question for the 2006 defense. Even a small improvement over last year should reap big overall rewards in terms of defensive performance.
4) What impact will Ron English have on our Defense?
  • English will be scrutinized fiercely this year and hopefully there won't be any bloggers using the excuse "well, he did have to work within Loyd's framework" by the end of the year.
Honestly those are the main questions. The other positions seem to be taken care of:

-RB's: We should field a good stable of RB's that will be great if Hart stays healthy.
-WR's: Same thing. Mario, Arrington (my bet this year for a breakout season), Breaston, Tabb, Savoy, Dutch...
-TE's: Ecker, Massey, freakazoid Butler should equate to a good year.
-S: 5 returning starters.
-DB's: 1 good starter with 1 nickel-db with experience and 2 other good potential DB's (Stewart/Sears)
-DE's: Woodley, Jamison, Biggs (rumored to be much improved) should be good.
-DT's: Taylor/Branch should hold down the fort with Walton/McKinney/Johnson and possibly Slocum adding to the mix. This one could be tenuous if injury strikes but fingers crossed.