Sunday, June 11, 2006

OT follow-up:

Taking a look at the 'What makes a good OT' post below, the end result was that for recruiting purposes, it seems that mobility on a good frame is the thing to look for. Let's take a look at the list of possibles for OT recruiting this year:

[First off, it looks like Darrell Davis-Bundanuro has dropped Michigan from his list of schools according to rivals so I've left him off]

As I seriously doubt that we have a shot at Stroter, the OT's that Michigan should really be aiming for this year are A#1) Ziemba and B#2) Schwartz. Why? Ziemba is easy. Good frame with good mobility combined with a proven track record. Schwartz looks to have improved down towards the 5.2's on his 40 during a recent outing and garnered positive reviews about his mobility. I'm also leaving Elliott out as I'm 98% sure that he will be a OG/C in college. After Ziemba/Schwartz comes Plouhar but at this point there isn't much info to go on for him. That pretty much leaves Vandermeulen and Pepper. Vandermeulen could be a sleeper but if he doesn't impress during camp next week he probably won't get an offer. Pepper wasn't on the initial list of campers that I looked at and might be closer to a 6 second 40 than a 5 second 40 with who-knows what kind of mental skills in the 'ol cupboard. So where does that leave us?

->Praying for Ziemba or Schwartz with Vandermeulen as the last-ditch backup.

Now take worst case scenario and combine that with last year and that gives you Schilling (5-star), Dorrestein (3-star but potential sleeper), and Vandermeulen (~3-star maybe sleeper) for a 2-year OT haul. Oh but wait, Schilling will probably move inside and provide a solid mobile kick-ass LG that can pull/etc.

Ryan Mallett better be hoping for Ziemba or Schwartz or else he's going to be praying for either:
a) Dorrestein and Vandermeulen prove to BOTH be sleepers
b) A 2008 uber-recruit (Sam Young + Josh Oglesby) that (really really) likes Meeechigan

Carr showed us all his recruiting brilliance landing Schilling near the 11th hour so there is reason to believe that things won't turn out as bad as I tend to make them out to be. That and there seems to be the good possibility of new recruits popping up (Dennis Ziegler??) As I said previously, if we get either Ziemba or Schwartz and Vandermeulen then this will be a good OT haul for the year. Actually, make that a great haul.