Monday, May 08, 2006

Riley Riley Riley

According to mgoblue, Rueben Riley is now at around 6'4" 303lbs. Unfortunately mgoblue doesn't have any information on whether Riley can actually step up this year and show the needed ginormous improvement over last year to really be affective as the starting RT of which he is currently listed. However, a quick search of last years mgoblog archives gives us some information. Here is all relevant blurbs ordered by month on Riley from mgoblog:

-Riley lets a blitzer through, forcing a Henne roll and throwaway. (TA)

-When you’ve got a guy like Rueben Riley playing right tackle, you’re going to have problems running the ball and protecting the passer, and that’s what Michigan had to deal with for a bunch of weeks in the middle of the season. Riley’s probably not a bad fit in the middle of that line somewhere, but he just looked completely out-classed against some of the better defensive ends in the league.

-Hali owns Riley and Henne has zero time to throw. (sack)
-Hart finds a cutback lane behind a beaten Riley as Ecker holds off Connor and Kraus kills Poz downfield.
-Screen is batted down. Riley doesn't really control his man. (BA)
-Screen is batted down. Riley doesn't really control his man. (BA)
-Tipped again; ominously, Riley just barely gets enough on the DE to push him past Henne. (BA)
-Riley gets destroyed by this Steve Davis kid, a freshman. At this point the elderly gentleman in front of me, who I do not know, turns to me and says "Is that Riley? Pathetic." I've got no response.
-Riley screws up his block, fouling this up and disrupting Thompson's blocking route. As a result the LB shoots up into the gap unmolested and makes a TFL.
-Neither Paul nor Riley gets anything approximating a block but Hart does it yet again.
-Riley gets shoved three yards into the backfield and Hart runs up his back.
-Riley has gotten pushed back several times but he is playing out of position with injured thumbs.

-Ruben Riley has definitively proven that as a tackle, he makes a fantastic guard.
-Riley had trouble against Eastern Michigan.
-Riley, who gets beaten badly by the DE, who hurries the throw even though Riley held him.
-Riley beaten like something beaten a lot (insert domestic violence joke). (sack)
-Second incident of Riley being beaten by the EMU DE.
-Martin against cuts it up inside as Riley gets shoved back a bit.
-Kolodziej is still listed as second-team behind Riley, which is ominous because Riley had numerous pass-protection issues against Eastern. Eastern!
-Riley has to chop Abiamiri's legs out to open up the passing lane.
-Batted again. This is a three step drop, Riley has to get that guy's hands down.
-False start on Riley.
-False start on Ruben Riley

The good news is that the # of negative uses of the word 'Riley' seem to diminish as the 2005 season went along. However, that could be due to his moving to his natural guard position. As well, people talked up Riley's performance against Hali in the Penn State game but there are numerous negative reports on Riley for that game including at least 1 sack 100% on Riley. Sure, he had 2 broken thumbs for sections of 2005 but did he really improve?

Honestly, I just don't see a good 2006 season unless we can shore up the RT spot and quick. If the o-line doesn't have fall practice to gel we'll be RIGHT back in the same position we were in 2005.


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