Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Reasons to be optimistic for 2006

My reasons to be optimistic for 2006:

-> Tim Jamison
Even if Jamison only sees the field 1/2 the time he has the potential to be disruptive. Honestly, after watching 240lb Steve Davis crush our rushing game last year I have absolute and full faith that Jamison can handle the run.

Part #2 of this would be the fact that the depth chart on now lists Jamison and Woodley as the starting DE's. That doesn't mean squat as it will probably change but it can't help but make a UofM fan hopeful.

-> Strong secondary
Yes, even with an unproven starer aside Leon Hall I am optimistic about our secondary in 2006. Adams looks to be ready to step up and shine and whoever lands the FS job should be more than adequate. I'm also confident that depth won't be an issue as we have more than enough safety's and with hall/stewart/trent/sears at CB we should be good even in nickel/dime packages.

-> DT
Just having Branch in the interior makes me happy. I'm overlooking the fact that he seemingly balooned from 311 to 330lbs recently and hoping that a lot of that is muscle. Either way he should be a strong force in the middle. I'm confident that Stripling will work wonders with Taylor in his 2nd year and have him using moves instead of just brute strength to actually utilize his strength to his advantage.

-> A healthy Hart
Not much else to say about this. The little dynamo is almost as fun to watch as Barry Sanders was back in the day. (Yes, I did say almost)

-> WR's and TE's
We should field a good contingent of folks that can catch the ball. I'm not counting my breath that Ecker, Massey, or Butler turn out to be good blockers but those 3 should compliment our solid WR corps.

-> Ron English
I didn't list these in any particular order but this one would probably be #1. He hasn't proved himself but I for one am extremely optimistic. And anyone who has read even one of my articles should know that I'm a cautious pessimist at heart so that's saying a lot.

-> Alex Mitchell
This might be stretching things a bit but I'm hopeful that after fall practice reports come out I will be even more optimistic about Mitchell at RG.


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