Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pre-Camp recruiting compendium

Things will hopefully become a lot clearer after camp (I think camp is June 15-18 [Ok, so it's June 18-22]) but before then here is the recruiting landscape.

The list to the right represents all recuits that I think have at least a shot of going to UofM. I've left off some recruits that I'm really really sure will go elsewhere. There are a number of recruits, notably OT's and OG's, that have BIG hints in their rivals or scout profiles that point them to other schools. When someone says he wants to stay close to home and is either on the East coast, West coast, or way down South he ain't coming to Michigan.

Where does this leave us? Well, in my humble opinion not in great shape. Perusing the list to the right the biggest topics are:

1) Offensive line:
Folks, we don't look good this year for O-line recruiting. At all. There just doesn't seem to be a single OG/C that looks to be headed our way. The closest might be John Elliott but he's wide open right now in terms of recruiting and he might truly be an OT. We might have to dredge the bottom of the barrel this year for inside linemen and that is truly a bad sign.

OT's don't look that much better. Sure, we still have a 'chance' at getting Ziemba or Schwartz but aside from those 2 the only good one is Plouhar but he's a wildcard. After those the quality drops off. VanderMeulen will definitely commit if given an offer and he probably will if he has a good performance at camp. If not, things don't look good at all for OT.

If we get Ziemba or Schwartz, Vandermeulen, and 1 decent OG (high 3-star or 4-star) then I will be amazed but EXTREMELY happy.

2) Great class only in a few positions
Right now our 'Superb wonderlicious best-EVER' recruiting class is really only at QB/DB and possibly WR. And we really don't know about RoJo yet. Even if we get RoJo and Dionte Allen we are still only good in a few positions. If we get Hughes we could possibly add RB to the list of good.

3) Some MAJOR holes
->If we don't get Barksdale then DT will be a GAPING hole.
->ILB has a really good chance of being a BIG hole.
->OG will most likely be a GINORMOUS hole.
->OT could easily be a big ole hole.

Summary: At the moment, this class looks great in a few positions and absolutely pathetic in others. And honestly, my take on recruiting is that what matters most, in order, is:

1) QB
2) A good balance across all positions with no real holes.
3) O-line, o-line, o-line
(The top3 above are a LOT more important than the next few)
4) DB's
5) LB
6) WR
7) D-line
8) TE
9) FB

Therefore, we look to have a recruiting class that only has 1 of the top3 important critieria for a good recruiting class. As I said earlier, things could change after camp but from where I'm sitting right now the landscape looks pretty bleak. Sure, we landed a top QB but where will he be when he's getting sacked left and right? Not having a couple good o-linemen easily diminishes the fact that we got Ryan Mallett.


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