Thursday, May 18, 2006

Off-season random stats 1

Well, it's 3+ months until the first kickoff of the season so what else is there to do but post a bunch of random stats. Today's edition is all about Michigan's o-line and stats taken from our trusty Taking a look at all current o-liners on the staff, grabbing 2 stats from their end of high-school days (bench press and 40-times), and compiling/sorting it gives you whats listed to the right.

[Keep in mind that the 40-times listed on are sometimes a bit different than those listed on their rivals and scout profiles.]

However, one of the few observations that can be made from this random collection of stats is that it doesn't really translate into a list of good/bad players. For instance Pat Sharrow is at the top of both lists but is only competing for a backup spot and/or long snapper. Sure, injury is a factor there but his injury was back in 2004 and he only broke his foot. Plus, he actually played in 2005 which basically means that he's a non-factor for the rest of his UofM career.

Another item of note is that Kraus is basically at the bottom of the bench press list which is odd as he was one of the few o-liners to get any push last year.

Ortmann seems to be high on both lists and every UofM fan with a account seems to be high on him so cross your fingers there.

Kolo seems to be a the bottom of both lists which could possibly explain why he's being trumped out of a OT position by a non-OT (Riley).

Gallimore also seems to be at the bottom of both lists which could possibly explain why he hasn't been anything but a 2nd/3rd teamer to-date.

It's interesting that the starting center and possible backup center are at opposite ends of the speed list. Bihl is the presumptive starting center with Moosman as the 2nd teamer. Sure, Kraus would probably fill in for any injury to Bihl but I'd have to say that Moosman is on a decent track for 2007 center.

What does this all mean? Nothing really but it does give fanatics like me something more to think about as we drone away the hours until the next kickoff...


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