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One of my semi-favorite pastimes is looking at and analyzing past recruiting classes. Having basically memorized UofM's past recruiting classes [2002+ as rivals/scout data doesn't go past that] I've turned to other universities. One team in particular just seems to beg for a more in-depth analysis. Or at least a bunch of hodgepodge words throw together on a football blog written by someone who had to take pre-english 101 as a UofM freshman. That team would be Nebraska.

[Note, the ramble of words below really only comes about as a result of a visual perusal of Nebraska's signing class and only rarely has actual real-world input (such as Carriker).]

Starting out in 2002, the first name that pops out is of course Adam Carriker:
Initial stats: 3-stars, 6'6", 235lb., 4.7sec 40
Now: still 6'6" but has packed on 60 pounds! That's right, 60 pounds. And still runs a 4.7 40.
Adam Carriker

Carriker just seems to embody exactly the type of player that college football coaches dream about recruiting. Someone who can come in with raw abilities/talent, and be sculpted into a 13-sack a year monster. There aren't a lot of folks out there that can pack on 60pounds of muscle AND keep the same 40 time.

Matt Herian: 3-star TE, 6'5", 220lb., 4.6 40
Matt's still 6'5" but now 245lb. A quick look at Matt's stats back in 2002 from someone with my experienced eye (mostly based on stats) really points to a potential all-conference TE. 6'5" is a nice height for a TE and the combo of 220+lb and 4.6 40-time really complete the package. I can point out a ton of TE's in the 2007 commitment lists that don't come close to those initial stats. Sure, the rivals/scout info (especially 40-time) don't always match real-world but still those initial stats have all the makings of a great TE if his coaches can do their job.

Jay Moore: 4-star WsDE, 6'4", 235lb., 4.5 40.
Jay is 280lb. now but holy crud, 4.5 in the 40? Even if he's now 4.6 that's still an insane speed for a 280lb. DE.

Andy Birkel: 3-star WR, 6'3", 180lb., 4.41 40.
Doesn't look like he's still around but a 6'3" WR that runs in the 4.4 range just visually looks like a great recruiting catch.

Corey McKenon: 3-star LB, 6'3", 210lb., 4.45 40.
LB with 4.4 speed? Corey tore up UofM last year with his speed and instincts. Corey is probably #2 on this list in terms of needing more words about him. Corey still runs like a 4.5 and is now 225lb. A 225lb. LB with 4.5 speed is absolutely fantastic. Package that with Corey's proven instincts and you get a GREAT 3-star steal on the recruiting side.

Lydon Murtha: 4-star OT, 6'8", 315lb., 4.9 40.
Just great stats for an OT. The 4.9 40 should indicate that he can move and with the kind of arms you find on a 6'8" body he 'should' turn out to be a great OT.

Barry Turner: 3-star WsDE, 6'3", 248lb., 4.5 40.
Holy bejesus, 4.5 in the 40 at ~250lbs? Not only that, but this is another case where visual perusal of #'s meets real-world action. Barry made Rivals 2005 freshman all-american team even though he was really only used as a pass-rusher on passing downs.

Ok, so the above is 2002-2005. Note that I've left out a ton of 4.4 speedsters that seem to all come from Juco-land.

Will Henry: 3-star WR, 6'6", 195lb., 4.5 40.
At 6'6" he's 5-6 inches taller than most DB's that he'll be going up against. 4.5 speed is about what Braylon Edwards has/had so Will has all the makings of a potential WR stud a-la Sydney Rice. If the coaching staff can beat into him proper route running then at the very least Nebraska's QB's will have a Braylon Edwards-esque jump ball bail-out receiver.

2006 also features a Juco-rich bevy of potential studs.

Overall the message I'm trying to convey is that Nebraska has a bunch of unhearalded recruits that not only have the potential for kicking ass but, in the case of a few (Carriker/McKenon/etc), are already kicking ass. I've left out a number of WR's and DB's that are 6'0" and above with 4.4 40 speed as their seem to be a number of them in past Nebraska recruiting classes. Plus, most of tohse again seem to be Juco. Next weeks assignment will be to do a quick Juco % for each recruiting class as that % for each Nebraska class seems to be in the range of 30-50%.


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