Monday, March 27, 2006

Bihl Bihl Bihl

One discussion thread created by SP and particularly Carr's comments concerns Michigan Center Mark Bihl. He was only meh as a center last year standing in for an injured Kraus. He knows the system and can play the part but he really didn't seem to get any push much less refrain from getting pushed backwards himself. Carr has him penciled in as Center for SP but that could just be to give him his due shot (3rd consecutive shot since we tried him at center in 2005 AND 2004?) as he's only 1 of 3 5th-year seniors on the 0-line. However, I've been thinking about this a lot lately and here are some thoughts:

->His 'bio' on rivals states:
"Very athletic for an offensive lineman. Also starts at defensive tackle. Excellent strength. One of the top shot/track athletes in the state of Ohio."

Mark Bihl
With that, wouldn't you think that he'd be at least a decent center now as a 5th year senior?

->If height is his problem, what about uber-freshman Eric Wood who is also 6'5" and in-line with Bihl's weight:

Eric Wood

Eric Wood was Louisville's Center last year as a RS Freshman! He also made Rivals's 'Freshmen All American Team' last year. 2-star o-linemen starting their 2nd year at center. Maybe I just need to hook up with 'Doc Brown' and Back-To-The-Future my way to 2+ years from now, printout a copy of that years 'Freshmen All American Team', present it to Carr and convince him it's real.


At 1:57 PM, Blogger Ben said...

Nice work. I have my reservations about Bihl as well.

Why is Lloyd so adamant about not playing an underclassman? I hope you're right about just giving Bihl the opening crack this spring.

At 6:00 AM, Blogger Ed said...

It just seems that Carr only plays underclassmen only when they have a clear cut advantage over the other options. Jake Long played as a RS freshman but he's enough of a freak OT that he's heads and tails above the competition. If Bihl starts it will most likely be because of the following factors:

->They really like Kraus at guard because of his mobility
->Bihl's experience and knowledge of the position outweighs in Carr's mind the physical potential of Moosman/McAvoy/etc
->Bihl might actually practice better than the other options (outside of Kraus)

And hey, if Bihl can play saturday's better than he did last year and at least hold the line at the point of attack then that will at the very least allow long/kraus/riley to be the real pushers on our line opening up the holes. Either way there are pros and cons of Bihl at Center.

At 10:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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