Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Coaching thoughts

So by now everyone has heard that:

->Malone is out as OC, Debord is in as OC
->Ron English has left for da Bears
->No real news on Herrmann or who will replace English

The rivals.com message board has collapsed into a more-than-normal state of meltdown with dire predictions of 3 or more losses as long as DeBord and his bland offensive schemes are running the show. The media frenzy stating that Michigan is headed back to the 1997 glory days with DeBord at the offensive helm have yet to appear though most are expecting them at any moment. My thoughts are as such:

1) English was a great recruiter especially on the west coast and seemed to instill sound fundamentals in the DB's. I'm not sure how well he would've fared as DC if given the opportunity but a) he would be a good change from Herrmann and b) he would probably have a more agressive defensive stance which Michigan desperately needs at this point.

2) No real solid thoughts on Malone but I seemed to question a good deal of his 2005 playcalling.

3) I'm going to give DeBord a chance. Well, maybe a chance with the expectation of failure.

September is stacking up to be a BAD month for me. Being out of state I'll have to watch the games at a sports bar and my ulcer is assuredly going to suffer repeated pints of something other than Bud Light to assuage my frayed nerves. Isn't it bad enough to have to worry about which Henne will show up in September much less how he'll do with a new potentially vanilla offensive scheme?

Like most anxious fans I'll have to wait and see how things play out. SL leaving will certainly play a role in 2007 recruiting and adds another worry to the list. Looking at the 'possible' starters next year there is tons of potential. Jamison, Mitchell, Sears, and others could really step up and contribute but with a poor gameplan on either side of the field we could easily go with 3+ losses. Ug.


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