Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2006 Recruiting thoughts/predictions

This wouldn’t be a blog without predictions that folks can laugh at down the road would it?

Ferrara: John looks to be future DT material as I just can’t see him at DE with his physical stats. Have to say that he will be 2nd string material.
Slocum: Early prediction that Slocum will be a major force during the 2007 season and probably play as much in 2006 as Taylor/Johnson did in 2005.
Banks: Film didn’t look that great at least what I looked at. Another future Biggs.
B. Graham: Going to go out on a limb and say that he will have personal issues (aka Watson/Woods/etc) but will show up in 2007/2008 and be a monster.
Mixon: Going to say that Mixon will be a solid LB and exceed expectations.
Patilla: Will be a good backup OLB.
S. Brown: Prediction that Harrison will end up at CB and Brown will own the FS position by 2007.
Boren: Going to be solid.
Dorrestein: Another out-on-a-limb predition that this guy will turn out to be a very good OT. Starter LT and possible starter RT by his 3rd yr.
Cone: Folks seem to think that Cone will get passed by and not factor much in UofM offense ever. I agree.
C. Brown: Will contribute more in 2006 than Grady did in 2005.
Ezeh: Starting FB by his Jr season.
Matthews: Meh. Um, no Braylon but will probably end up starting by his senior year.
Wright: Future 85% FG kicker.


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